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Handicap Index

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Monitor your playing progress and compete with others

18 Hole is a golf application that makes it easy for players to know the progress of playing golf by converting the total score into a handicap index easily and quickly. With 18 holes, communication between golf players is also easier because there is a community feature that can connect golf players in it.

In addition, the 18 Hole makes it easier for golf players to book the closest or best course.

Handicap Index

Calculate the total score into the Handicap Index, so that players can find out their performance in playing golf.


Through the leaderboard, it is easier for users to monitor personal and playing partner ratings.


With the community feature, it allows players to interact with other golf players.

Booking Course

Make it easy for players to book the closest or best course.

With 18 Hole

Makes it easy to build connections between golf players

With 18 holes, players can interact with each other in the community feature and can follow events in the community.

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